• interface to ADAMS

emDesigner cam disc

Design the cam disc set for your next project with the emDesigner.


Order the emDesigner from us with a 30 day return guarantee, and during this time we will give you 100% telephone support to realize your concrete cam disc project.You will need less time than usual to execute your project with the emDesigner in the first 30 days, and after that you will know the advantages of the emDesigner.


You can experience at your own machine how much better the cams are.

The most important characteristics of emDesigner:

Highest precision
  1. Precise mathematical calculation of the cam discs
  2. Exact complementary cam, makeshift solutions no longernecessary
  3. Exactly what is designed also occurs at the machine


  1. Documentation of the cam through a plan of motions, diagrams, contours and parameters
  2. Construction errors are immediately optically recognized by the program
  3. User-friendly Windows interface
  4. Link-up to any CAD system
  5. Currently more than 140 possible variations of the motions due to many different laws of motion and mechanics
  6. No training or special introduction necessary 


Enormous benefits
  1. Increased running smoothness
  2. Wear reduction
  3. An increase of the clock rate leads to a performance increase of 10% - 100%
  4. Enormous reduction in development time
  5. Solution of time-critical tasks