Cam disc-program

Summary of the Most Important Points

Increase in the performance of your machines

The running speed of the machine constitutes an important economic consideration. An increase of the clock rate of only 10% multiplies the economic efficiency of the machine many times over. By optimizing the camdisks with the emDesigner, an average increase of 30% is reached. In many cases, a 100% increase in performance can be reached.


Short development time, reduction of the development risk

The constantly increasing competitive pressure leads to measures being taken that make it possible for the design engineer to reliably assess, already during the draft phase, which design solutions promise the greatest success. Whereas he so far had to rely on experimental designing, the development time can be substantially reduced with the emDesigner and the development risk can thus be reduced.


An example

In order to for example determine the position of the tool at a precisely specified point in time, specify the point in time in the emDesigner and you will get the precise answer with many digits behind the decimal point. With other products you must determine a translation ratio, based on tables and diagrams, and from there assess the tool position, a procedure which is both cumbersome and inaccurate. The result: Danger of collision through assessment errors, etc.

The complementary camdisk, calculated truly precisely

The emDesigner calculates the camdisks with absolute mathematical precision, while taking into consideration all prevalent redirecting and transferring forms. The precise calculation of the disk makes it possible to design a true forced complementary camdisk, whereby cumbersome and inexact makeshift solutions such asusing slackness and a spring for the recuperation can be dispensed with. Jerks and jars are thus avoided, resulting in very smooth operation and correspondingly low wear


Design errors can immediately be recognized optically

New types of graphic and numerical evaluations in the form of diagrams give the design engineer the possibility to verify an optimally smooth motion process. 


Increased performance thanks to many possible variations

Thanks to the most varied mechanics and forms of motion (currently over 100 variations) the design engineer has maximum possibilities when it comes to taking suitable measures for each process. The emDesigner all movements precisely at the point of contact of the tool, which for the first time makes it possible to test for collisions.


Reusable mechanics definitions through a mechanics database

The integrated mechanics database gives the user of the emDesigner great relief in terms of work. All geometric specifications of the mechanics used in your machine, such as lever lengths, maximum curve radii and roll diameters, are stored there. There you can input the data from the most varied machines and from the most varied manufacturers. 


For you this means: one software program for all machines.

A unit that has been stored can be used again and again, whereby the variable parameters can be adjusted to the corresponding situation. A practically unlimited number of mechanics can be stored.