Cam disk optimation

When is the emDesigner Especially Cost-Efficient for You?

You are designing your cam disks via a CAD system

In such cases, many of our customers have experienced an increase in performance of around 100%. Although they can design a clean contour when designing cam discs with CAD software, they have no influence on the quality of the motions. Taking the technical motion parameters into consideration results in an enormous optimization of the cam discs. The creation of a functional diagram is very time-consuming. With the emDesigner it is generated with one push of a button. The cam discs that are created by CAD must first be transferred to CNC code through CAM software. In emDesigner, CNC code can be output directly, to name just a few advantages. 


You use software for cam design that you have developed yourself

As a rule, self-developed software fulfills all important tasks needed to design cam discs. It simplifies the design process as compared to the CAD design method. 

emDesigner is an elaborately designed mathematical-physical system that took several years to develop and that contains multiple functions. In our experience, a performance increase of around 50% can be reached through the use of the emDesigner in such cases. Operating convenience is also one of the great advantages of the emDesigner.


If you think that you do not have any problems with cam disks

We have observed that for companies that "did not really have any problems" with cam disks, the use of the emDesigner was especially cost-effective.
The bottom line is that not many people know how easy, how fast, and how much better cam discs can be designed with the emDesigner, and how great a performance potential it represents.
We can only recommend that you take us up on our offer to test the software.


You work with cam design software from renowned machine manufacturers

To our own surprise, software programs from large machine manufacturers have a very low range of functions. They for example have only one form of motion, do not take into consideration the mechanics that exist between the tool and the cam disc, determine the tool position with coarse tables and diagrams, make no precise complementary cam calculations, create complementary cams through a makeshift solution with slackness and a spring, etc.
On the average, a performance increase of 30% can easily be achieved with the emDesigner.


You want a longer lifetime for your cam discs

By optimizing with the emDesigner, the forces on the cam disks can be extremely reduced, which results in a substantial increase in the product life of the cam discs.


Other cases

There are many other cases for which the emDesigner is used successfully. Ask us what advantages may result for you. We will be glad to advise you.