Features of the cam disks

Detailed listing of the software characteristics:

  • Any number of motions can be aligned with each other in the motion editor
  • Calculation of the motions at the point of contact of the tool and reverse calculation on the cam disk
  • For every time value, the path at the point of contact of the tool can be calculated precisely
  • All motions of a machine or a project are stored in a file
  • The kinematic and mechanical parameters, such as the path, speed, acceleration, jerk, moment curve, transmission angle, disk curvature and other parameters, are displayed in diagrams
  • All data from a machine with many camdiscs can be output at the same time
  • Testing function for definition-dependent contour errors (undercutting)
  • Display of the calculated contour
  • Contour export with reference lines and labeling of the motion sections as a DXF file
  • Contour export without reference lines for the CAM with zero line as a DXF file
  • Cam contour output as CNC code for many types of control
  • All data regarding a disk can be stored in a parameter data bank for reuse in other projects
  • Sets of parameters are available for cam units of established types of machines
  • Electronic motions and mechanical camdiscs in one project can be adjusted to each other and can be developed with the "electronic motions" license
  • Customer-specific plug-ins are available for special calculations and displays
  • It is possible for customers to develop their own plug-ins
  • 3D motion simulation via add-on product, 3D collision control via add-on product

System Requirements:


operating system:

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

main memory:

at least 512 MB

screen resolution:

at least 800 x 600 Pixel